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What is a “Content professional”? On Workflow, you can tap into a network of hundreds of vetted content professionals that can help you with your content marketing. The professionals are organized into 6 categories:

Writer: journalists, doctors, engineers, lawyers and many other specialties. In our community you can find writers with a wide range of expertise, to create content for any kind of topic.
Editor: makes sure your content is aligned to your briefing and brand voice. They review it, proofread and optimized it for SEO.
Content Manager: they manage writers and editors, making sure everything runs smoothly. They will also help you to align the content strategy, the buyer’s journey and will keep the idea pipeline full.
Designer: this professional can help you create any material which needs design elements, such as e-books, infographic, white papers and so on.
Translator: they help you repurpose your content in multiple languages, so you can increase your reach with minimum effort.
Video Maker: video content is on the rise and it’s becoming part of every company’s content assets. In the Workflow community you can find professional video makers that will help you differentiate your content offering.


– Martin Fowler

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